Eternia: The She Raw Flowz Album Preview

Eternia: The She Raw Flowz Preview Album

The people will not wait! The clamor for this Sista Hailstorm album is defeaning, and we’ve decided to put out a limited release 8 song Preview EP. It will only be available IN PERSON and only at Hempfest Seattle. This album features Procieh, Graves, and OCnotes. Get your autographed copy directly from Hailstorm after her set! Only at Seattle Hempfest, August 15th 2014.

Sista Hailstorm has been working on the She Raw Flowz album for several years, and although it is now only months away from release, Eternia, a special sneak preview, will allow the people to experience the sound, style and direction of that upcoming world wide release.

Eternia is a very limited release from Sista Hailstorm’s hand directly to yours.

Eternia Tracklisting

  1. Audio Shrine Prod by: Phreewill
  2. Rebirthed Dynamix Feat. Procieh Prod by: Da Beatsmith Benny Blaze
  3. I Want Some Weed Prod by: Jay Battle
  4. Butterflyz Prod by: Jay Battle
  5. It Ain’t Right Feat. Oc Notes Prod by: Da Beatsmith Benny Blaze
  6. Monsters of the City Feat. Graves 33 Prod by: Graves 33
  7. Arrogant Bastard Prod By: Ras’K’Dee of Audio Pharmacy
  8. Loked Out Prod By: Jay Battle


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