King Khazm Records Final Verse

Khazm Last Verse

Khazm Last VerseKing Khazm has been hard at work on his epic masterpiece, Diaries of a MAD. Today he recorded the final verse, at The Legion of Dume, and finalized the production schedule for the album. Tomorrow he’ll begin working on the album art, while Dume41 gets started with the mixing of the project.

Diaries of a MAD is an incredibly personal glance inside the mind of a tactical and organizational genius. Without any features, King Khazm carries the war banner alone, providing unprecedented access to one of Seattle’s most profound talents. Production by King Khazm, Kaz Fury, Dirty Dev, Third Eye Bling and more. Expect dirty snares and kicks, chopped phrases and melodic wizardry. With even more surprises ahead for this project, Diaries of a MAD will release in 2016 on Fresh Chopped Beats/MADK Productions.