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Gabriel Teodros Releases "Colored People's Time Machine"

Cultural worker and hip hop pathfinder Gabriel Teodros stands poised to turn the clock backwards to reach the future. His sophomore solo effort, ‘Colored People’s Time Machine,’ is an examination of the history, dreams and future of native people everywhere. Not content to analyze the past, Teodros prepares listeners for a future free of the constraints of genre.

Teodros’ range runs the gamut of human emotional expression, examining such personal experiences as depression, family loss, and lost and found love. Teodros, never content to be pushed into a box, enlists producers with sounds as divergent as those of Bean One (X-Clan, Black Sheep), Justo (The Physics) and Budo (Grieves), and collaborated with special guests, Meklit Hadero and Mexico’s Bocafloja. Teodros streams this synergy into his own veritable flux capacitor, shifting from true school head crushing kicks and snares (Blossoms of Fire), to future molded Kurzweilistic invisible piano stylings (Alien Native). Colored People's Time Machine is available now.

Gabriel Teodros Releases "Computer Parlor" Video

Beit - The Behind The Scenes Recording Session

Beit session from Scott Macklin on Vimeo.

Beit recording session with Gabriel Teodros, Sabreena da Witch and Amos Miller

King Khazm - "Drip Drop Drizzle"

Seattle Hip Hop bedrock King Khazm (MADK & 206 Zulu) springs a leak to the upcoming flood with "Drip Drop Drizzle", a banging anti-summer, summertime ode to Seattle Hip Hop. Produced by heavy-hitter Bean One and cuts by DJ Tecumseh, this tribute sheds a new light on the famously grey town skies with anthem authority. Poignant bars punctuated by deep, contagious bass (and shouts to an impressive list of Seattle scene cornerstones) make this track a formidable reintroduction of a veteran artist. This initial dip into Khazm's upcoming musical endeavors captures the artistic foundation of a man that is known locally and nationally for his dedication to culture and community. "Drip Drop Drizzle" is sure to resonate with young and seasoned listeners alike. Enjoy this free debut single, and stay tuned for more to come!

Khingz Releases "Sea City" Video

Sea City from Dume41 on Vimeo.

Waves of The Mind Releases "Mind Waves" Video

Mind Waves from Dume41 on Vimeo.

Khingz - Monster's Lib

Download Single

MC KHINGZ reps Seattle’s southside to the fullest and unleashes his demons on the REL!G!ON-produced "Monster’s Lib," the first single from the former gangster turned poet’s new album Liberation Of The Monster. Feeling boxed in by labels and expectations of fans and friends who tried to subtly direct him to a more spoken word bohemian feel, KHINGZ reacts with this visceral and at times painful album; a declaration that he will not be boxed in or defined by anything but his own actions or anyone but his own heart. Listen, digest and free your inner beast.

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