Sexy Beast

Abyssinian Creole

  1. Abyssinian Creole
  2. Unconfined
  3. Southside
  4. The Elixer ft. Geologic
  5. Relax ft. Michelle Lofton
  6. A Mother’s Sacrafice ft. Zachary Bruce
  7. Same As I Ever Was ft. Moka Only
    Additional vocals by Christina Orbé & Bua
  8. The Beautiful
  9. Crushes Heaven ft. Macklemore
  10. Paalam Mahal
    Guitar by Hamilton Boyce
  11. Sexy Beast
  12. The Ultimate
  13. Deep Crates Cinema Part 2
  14. Summertime ft. Zachary Bruce
  15. Land Or Sea
  16. Sexy Rhythm ft. Lakea Oceas
    Drums by Cory Overall. Additional vocals by Zachary Bruce.

(Hidden Track) Retrospective

Executive Producer: Khazm 247. All tracks produced by Kitone. All cuts by DJ WD4D. All lyrics by Khingz & Gabriel Teodros, except where noted. Mastered by Jamie Sitar @ Suite Sound Labs (Vancouver, B.C.). Photography by Dawn Stanley (Studio Onze). Graphic Design by Khazm 247 & Gabriel Teodros

© 2005 MADK Productions / Abyssinian Creole