Sista Hailstorm

Hailstorm Building

Sista Hailstorm is an indigenous warrior who manifests her power and spirit through hip hop, art, activism and martial arts.  She is an underground hip hop emcee and graff artist, as well as a hip hop educator, from the Northeast Los Angeles’ Lincoln Heights area.  Her indigenous roots trace back to Chiricahua Apache, Yuma, Yaqui and Mexica blood from the Southern desert areas of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico.

At 27 years old, it’s a rare miracle that she’s still alive considering she was raised in an environment full of gangs, alcohol, drugs, violence and crime.  Her family actually founded one of the oldest gangs in Los Angeles, CA.  Sista Hailstorm is a former gang member herself, and was influenced and intrigued by the Hip Hop culture, first getting into graffiti and breaking.  Art and graffiti runs in her family, passed down from her father to her older sister (graffiti artist turned contemporary artist), then to her, and then to her younger brother known as “e;Glyphsone.”e;

Still hungry for hip hop, Hailstorm began emceeing and recording in 2002, finding her niche as a strong, native female MC.  She had a passion to use hip hop as a vehicle for social and environmental change in her community and the world, which eventually took her to Africa (Rwanda, Uganda), Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands), and all over the U.S. and Canada.  Dedicating herself to traditional ceremony and hip hop music has given her the opportunity to open for many acclaimed artists and acts such as: Bahamadia, Abstract Rude, Saul williams, Dead Prez, 2Mex, Emanon, BusDriver as well being on stage with legedary hiphop prophet KRS ONE!

Sistahailstorm is a member of the Almighty Universal Zulu Nation and Chief Shaka of  206 / Los Angeles Chapters and active member of resistance movement NYM (native youth movement).

She is a solo artist as well as a member of the following hip hop groups:

 PmDubbz (Projekt Medicine Willz) alongside Producer / DJ/ Emcee Procreation– Murder She Wrote w/ Producer/ Dj / Emcee DJ B-Girl Emcee / Vocalist Julie C.

Sista Hailstorm carries an inner power, a life energy,that humbles those around her and allows her to deliver her message to the people.  She flows with the old school Boom Bap underground hip hop movement with influences from soul, blues, reggae and dubstep.  The louder the bass, the more amped she gets!  Hailstorm brings her own unique style to the stage, reppin’ in the cypher as a true school underground MC that cannot be imitated or copied.  And expect nothing less than greatness from this female MC because she rocks the MIC just as HARD as any brother can.