Stolen Moments

Mid Century Modern (MCM) is a Seattle-based musical duo featuring Seattle Hip Hop artist King Khazm, and songwriter, Jesse Kogita. A raw, moody mixture of jazz and hip hop, MCM’s debut 3-song EP, “Stolen Moments” is true-school and improvisation, a hand-built collage blending boom bap, bebop, genres and ideas.

King Khazm is a multifaceted artist, educator and community organizer who has become a prominent figure in the Hip Hop community in Seattle and around the world. Releasing “Pangea: Hip Hop Heals” in 2021, and “Return of a MAD” in 2022, Khazm has collaborated with artists such as Kurtis Blow, Abstract Rude, Myka9, Percee P and countless other national and international artists. Khazm is a prominent and in-demand performer and educator, he tours internationally supporting the movement to preserve and elevate Hip Hop culture.

Jesse Kogita is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington who has written and performed music her whole life. Heavily influenced by vintage Americana, American roots music, and the Jazz songbook, Jesse’s composition at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, France.

  1. Fever
  2. Cry Me A River
  3. Stolen Moments

Fever and Cry Me A River produced by King Khazm. Stolen Moments produced by Boombox Massacre. All vocals and arrangements by Jesse Kogita and King Khazm. Cuts by DJ HNS. Mixed and mastered by Dume41.

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