Return of A MAD

King Khazm

Emcee, producer, and organizer King Khazm returns with sophomore album produced by Third Eye Bling. Featuring Abstract Rude, Afu-Ra, Def-I, Kurtis Blow, Moka Only, Myka 9, Percee P and more.

  1. Everything (Intro)
  2. Crate Diggaz
  3. Road Grows Thin featuring Julie C.
  4. Enter Chasms featuring Abstract Rude
  5. Gone Away From Here featuring Abstract Rude, Moka Only and Myka 9
  6. ILLA Raps featuring Def-I and Percee P
  7. Mental Debit
  8. Power To The People featuring Afu-Ra and Abstract Rude
  9. He Never Knew
  10. No Regrets featuring Revels
  11. Breathe In (Breathe Out)
  12. The Return
  13. Earth’s Tide featuring Kurtis Blow