Diaries of A MAD

King Khazm

Diaries of a MAD, brainchild of King Khazm, is an experience steeped in the crispy snares, warm kicks, and varied cadences of the true school hip hop aesthetic. The soundscapes paint a dark and thick lacquer of social commentary over a roller coaster of inner turmoil. Instead of boastful emcee smashing, suspicion, love, paranoia, bigotry, betrayal, and human frailty dot the subject matter in equal portions.

Diaries of a MAD is released with it’s co-album Livin As A MAD

Track Listing

  1. Open Book – Production By King Khazm
  2. Dear Diary – Production By Dirty Dev
  3. Excel – Production By Rok Soul0
  4. Summerteez – Production By King Khazm
  5. Lost Treasure – Production By Third Eye Bling
  6. Feelin This Way – Production By Dume41
  7. I Am I – Production By Rok Soul0
  8. Dreamscapes ft. Spyc-E – Production By King Khazm
  9. Visual Ink – Production By Kaz Fury
  10. Lost Souls – Production By Kaz Fury
  11. MuthaLova – Production By Kaz Fury
  12. Stay Focused – Production By Kaz Fury
  13. Final Entry – Production By Kitone