Excel – Hand Drawn Music Animation (Sneak Preview)


We sat down to discuss the single Excel. The production from Rok Soul0 was moving everyone. King Khazm struggling to finally make his music production and distribution the centerpiece of his life were encapsulated here. We talked about what that felt like for him. And his idea was that the entire city was crumbling around him while he was trying to escape. And although he was in his wheelchair, he would transcend this difficulty. He started drawing the pencils, and I called up Several Active Minds member Vision 20/20 and asked him to come work with us. It was an all night, locked in the MAD Lab for two days emergency session with Vision and Khazm bouncing ideas off one another. Khazm’ pencilling while Vision inked. Then Dume took a crash course in very basic animation. The timing and simple movement. And we are building this thing. Here are thirty seconds of that work in progress. Peace!