Third Eye Bling

Fresh Chopped Beats/MADK Productions welcomes Third Eye Bling as the newest member of the Konstructicons!

Third Eye Bling is an emerging Hip-Hop producer who’s catching the ears of many of Seattle’s notable artists, collaborating with the likes of Gabriel Teodros, Yirim Seck, Alpha-P and Silas Black.

Third Eye Bling’s dedication to the craft resonates sonically with dirty kicks, snapping snares, infectious bass lines, instrumentation and heavily chopped samples, and may be regarded in a similar vein as Alchemist, Pete Rock and Organized Noize. His ability to seamlessly adapt to new and old music technology has provided for a range of unorthodox integration and ultimately his unique sound.

Third Eye Bling is a refreshing mixture of traditional and contemporary, and helping to forge a new era of Hip Hop music in the Pacific Northwest.

Stay tuned for announcements on the forthcoming project from King Khazm and Third Eye Bling entitled “Return of a MAD”.