Specs WizardSpecs One, The Elder Statesman of Seattle area Hip Hop, has produced music for many of the city’s big hitters, including Gabriel Teodros, Tulsi and Several Active Minds. He started making music in the early 80’s, releasing albums in 1987 and by 1992 had a bonafied classic under his belt with his crew The Elevators. With their hit ‚’Elevator Music’ getting radio play, they garnered mention in Flavor and The Source magazine.

In 1994 Specs formed a new crew called True Believers, along with King Otto, Bean One and others. Specs produced about ten albums between then and 2004, when he released ‚"Return of The Artist" on Abduction Records. The album was declared hip hop album of the year by The Stranger Magazine, Seattle’s unofficial guardian of artistic integrity. The next year, after being dubbed the Holy Ghost Of Northwest Hip Hop, Specs dropped the vinyl only EP entitled‚ "The Long Awaited Mega EP." He then released the exclusive‚ "Green Lover and the NW Hits" on cassette only! It was remastered and subsequently dropped on CD in 2009. His new album, "gRAPhics" is available on Fresh Chopped Beats/MADK Productions.