KhingzKhingz, the name conjures images of privileged entitlement. Ironic then that the MC chose his moniker in homage to the civil rights leader he misunderstood (and slightly reviled) as a child, and the working class people of the 2 counties where he did most of his growing up (Seattle and Brooklyn respectively). The diverging imagery of these 2 cities illustrates the twin currents flowing through all of Khingz work. A considered reverence for life that is often found in our more quiet moments, married with a riot of urgency extolling anyone living the music to do something right now. The contemplative aspect shows in well thought out lyrical expeditions to find the magical in everything. Heart break, funerals, friendship, love, awkward dates, immigration, patriotism, ego, fashion, and identity are all subjects Khingz touches upon with skill and emotion. Showcased in a live show that has been described as a cross between church and the LA riots. In his own words, “It is my goal to exemplify the old saying that MC means move the crowd.”

Khingz sees music as a crucible. An examination of the worthiness of the traditions we live by. This music isn’t about Hip Hop. It’s about experience and realization. It’s about testing the limits of our concept of self and redefining what being human means in a society quickly polarizing between the extremes of fear and greed.

His musical philosophy and uncompromised work ethic have seen him travel the world including most of North America, Western Europe and a much cherished opportunity to perform in South Africa connecting with audiences on the basis of shared life trails that extend beyond race, class, gender, or continent.

From Slaveships to Spaceships, his last official release, was a critically acclaimed concept album focusing on the personal journey toward liberation of a man caught between a love and hate of himself and the world he lives in. The creation of which was a much overdo form of catharsis that probably saved his life.

Currently working on two solo albums, one a highly anticipated reunion with Seattle and hip hop legend Vitamin D, two EPs (one with another Seattle musical giant, Bean One) a host of mixtapes and a new group called Hi-life Sound System (a collab with the supremely female-friendly Godspeed collective) the next few years look to be exciting and busy ones for the South Seattle MC.