Shogun Craftsman

Several Active Minds

  1. The Bell Warden’s Warning prod. by Dume41
  2. Change of Death (The Bell Warden’s Sanction) prod. by Dume41
  3. Brothers Of The Grass prod. by Rok Soul0
  4. Smiling Swords prod. by Rok Soul0
  5. The 8th Sea prod. by Dume41
  6. Assassin’s Road prod. by Rok Soul0
  7. Blood of a Thousand f/Specs One prod. by Knuckleheadbanga
  8. Saki prod. by Knuckleheadbanga
  9. Tears of Ice f/Knuckleheadbanga prod. by Dume41
  10. Close Quarters prod. by Rok Soul0
  11. 5 Fingers of Life f/Knuckleheadbanga
  12. Shogun Craftsman prod. by Rok Soul0

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dume41 at Seattle’s Hip Hop mastering studio The Legion of Dume