From Slaveships To Spaceships


From Slaveships To Spaceships

  1. …Is the New Blaq
  2. Reach In
  3. Pony Boy
  4. Good Again
  5. Hydroplanin’
  6. Blaq Han Solo
  7. Boi Caimen at Adwa f/ Gabriel Teodros
  8. Electric Tantra
  9. Prodigal
  10. Grillz
  11. Escape Society
  12. From Slaveships to Spaceships
  13. Bladed Poems
  14. Heaven Made This
  15. Kaya Mahal


"[Khingz] lays down the gauntlet of what it means to be Hip-Hop, what it means to love Hip-Hop and what it means to be a Black man in a world that rewards us for living with limitations and perpetuating stereotypes…  The future of Hip-Hop has been revealed." Ozone Magazine, June 2009

"On his long-awaited sophomore album, From Slaveships to Spaceships, Khingz rolls out his own personal vision of the Harlem Renaissance’s New Negro: an outsider, a bookish black skater, a proud "Southside rider" from Rainier Valley who grew up around gangs and "more Filipinos than Daly City." Finding a shockingly expressive middle ground between head-taking lyricism and unblinking outrospection—just check the unstoppable "Bladed Poems"—Khingz is the best he’s ever been." – The Stranger Magazine, June 2009

"For years, Khingz made a name for himself as one of Seattle’s wittier wordsmiths, partly because of his swift, didactic rhymes on various projects and at live shows…" Seattle Weekly, June 2009

"The album’s flowing sound echoes the vibe that’s come to represent Seattle hip-hop, not harmless or soft but without a doubt conscious. From race relations to coming up as a "thug nerd," he creates a portrait based on pure lyricism that results in one of the best hip-hop albums of the year, from Seattle or otherwise." The Daily – UW June 2009

Mastered by Dume41 at Seattle’s Hip Hop mastering studio The Legion of Dume