Colored People’s Time Machine

Gabriel Teodros

Colored People's Time Machine

  1. Blossoms Of Fire
    Produced by Bean One
  2. Mind Power
    Produced by Bean One
  3. Flow Throo ft. Madlines the Lioness
    Produced by Phreewil
  4. Alien Native ft. Sonny Singh
    Produced by WD4D
  5. Beit ft. Sabreena Da Witch
    Produced by Amos Miller
  6. Goodnight
    Produced by Crispy
  7. Diaspora ft. SKIM
    Produced by Budo
  8. Saturn’s Return ft. okanomodé, Cristina Orbé & Maya Jenkins
    Produced by Budo
  9. You A Star ft. Khingz
    Produced by Phreewil & Dead Noise
  10. Babylon By Bus
    Produced by Dead Noise
  11. Sarung Banggi ft. Rogue Pinay
    Produced by EarDr.Umz The MetroGnome
  12. Sangre Nueva ft. Bocafloja
    Produced by Danny Beat
  13. Sun & Breeze ft. Meklit Hadero & Amos Miller
    Produced by JustD’Amato (of The Physics)
  14. Colored People’s Time Machine
    Produced by EarDr.Umz The MetroGnome
  15. Ella Mable Bright ft. Meklit Hadero
    Produced by JustD’Amato (of The Physics)
  16. Still With You ft. SKIM & Amos Miller
    Produced by Amos Miller

Mixed by Dume41 and Gabriel Teodros at The Legion of Dume, Seattle, except Beit and Still With You mixed by Amos Miller at Buttermilk Studios, Seattle, and Sangre Nueva mixed by Hache at Espadasofia Studios, Mexico City.

Mastered by Dume41 at Seattle’s Hip Hop mastering studio The Legion of Dume, Seattle, except Sangre Nueva mastered by Hache at Espadasofia Studios, Mexico City.

ILLustrations and cover by Julay (Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

Press Release

Cultural worker and hip hop pathfinder Gabriel Teodros stands poised to turn the clock backwards to reach the future. His sophomore solo effort, ‘Colored People’s Time Machine,’ is an examination of the history, dreams and future of native people everywhere. Not content to analyze the past, Teodros prepares listeners for a future free of the constraints of genre. Teodros’ range runs the gamut of human emotional expression, examining such personal experiences as depression, family loss, and lost and found love. Teodros, never content to be pushed into a box, enlists producers with sounds as divergent as those of Bean One (X-Clan, Black Sheep), Justo (The Physics) and Budo (Grieves), and collaborated with special guests, Meklit Hadero and Mexico’s Bocafloja. Teodros streams this synergy into his own veritable flux capacitor, shifting from true school head crushing kicks and snares (Blossoms of Fire), to future molded Kurzweilistic invisible piano stylings (Alien Native). Colored People’s Time Machine steps back in time on January 19th, 2012.