Cold Hearted In Cloud City


Cold Hearted In Cloud City

  1. Cloud City
  2. Grind VS Odds
  3. Devilish Grin f/JD (Jerm)
  4. A Partay f/Livinyard (Nam &Gabriel Teodros)
  5. Time To Dance f/Godspeed
  6. Hybernation Siccness
  7. Carbonite Flow f/Jill Laxamana
  8. Scoundrel
  9. Kessel Run
  10. Like Light From Stars f/Maya Jenkins

All tracks produced by Crispy of Godspeed.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dume41 at Seattle’s Hip Hop mastering studio The Legion of Dume

Review: Now enter the follow-up to From Slaveships to Spaceships, Cold Hearted in Cloud City. While not as fully realized conceptually as From S to S (a Star Wars/Khingz-as-the-Blaq-Han-Solo theme loosely holds the sci-fi element together), this record may represent more of a transition in musical styles for the emcee. Gone is the frantic urgency of previous beats, and taking that place is a far mellower vibe. It is, dare I say, more sonically “accessible.” The fact that his rhyme style still meshes well with the more delicate production, only confirms my argument that Khingz is one of the most versatile emcees currently active in Seattle. (Though to be fully accurate, I should qualify that statement by acknowledging he’s since relocated to Vancouver, BC.)

The shift in musical styles is also accompanied by a slight shift in subject matter. Gone is the powerful declaration of liberation, which Khingz presumably nurtured to fruition on Slaveships. Cold Hearted finds Khingz getting more comfortable with his current place in the rap game. He shows he can body wack rappers with ease on “Carbonite Flow;” he confidently declares his journey through hip-hop has been unlike any other on “Kessel Run;” and shows he will gladly rock a party if motherf*ckas just wanna dance on “Devilish Grin.” It’s all done with an undercurrent of trepidation, however, which never allows levity to fully embrace the record. Khingz knows there’s a poison goin’ on (in the world and the rap game; see: “Hybernation Siccness”), and he’s too much of an introspective soul to allow himself to forget it, even for a moment.